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#ThrowbackThursday and Running Errands: Day 37 in Cuenca

First off because it’s Thursday… #ThrowbackThursday to having afternoon tea at Hotel Mulia in Jakarta, Indonesia with my cousin! (pic above) Pretty much ran errands all day apart from helping at the school this morning. But it’s fun when you get to walk around the city center (feels like I walked the whole Cuenca!) and […]

Rainy Day: Day 36 in Cuenca

Buenos días from Ecuador! Waking up to a rainy and gloomy day so here’s a pic of ice cream on a sunny day at the city center! It was a pretty low key day. Going to school in the morning to help out then later helping to cook lunch (the biggest meal of the day) […]

Movies, Eventful Days and the City Center: Day 35 in Cuenca

  Buenos dias from Cuenca where you can never take too many photos of the city center! Meanwhile, getting ready for another day of helping and speaking Spanish! Cuenca’s most iconic building! (It’s the one with the blue domes. This is the front.) Helped out at school, had Spanish class, went to the movies and […]

Cafes and Hamburgers: Day 34 in Cuenca

Buenos días and happy Monday from Cuenca, Ecuador! Ready for a new week of speaking Spanish… Had this traditional food of Ecuador called Bolón de verde, una pelota de plantanos! (It’s pretty much a ball of fried plantains with cheese in the middle for $0.60.) Perfect with a cup of Ecuadorian honey chamomile tea at […]

Relaxing Sunday: Day 33 in Cuenca

Good morning and happy Sunday from the beautiful Cuenca, Ecuador! Picture above taken from the blue domes of the cathedral at the center of Cuenca. Sundays are my “sleep in” days. Though this Sunday I had a headache (probably from the sudden heat and weather change from visiting the valley yesterday). Thankfully with Young Living […]

In the Valley of Yungilla: Day 32 in Cuenca

Today I spent the morning and afternoon just an hour outside of Cuenca in a valley called Yungilla. The weather is considerably warmer which makes it a good weekend getaway spot for Cuencanos! While others went to swim, I sat on this swing and admired the view and reflected. Seriously, I don’t think I’ll have […]