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Barbados in 6 Second Vine Videos

Pictures are great but sometimes you need a little sound and movement to really get a feel of what’s going on at a single moment. That’s what I love about Vine, the 6 second video sharing app. It’s like an extended Instagram picture! During my travels, I like to capture certain moments in Vine videos, […]

jfk balloons

Photo of the Day: JFK Hot Air Balloons

So JFK isn’t about to start a runway for hot air balloons but there were plenty of tiny ones hanging on top of the moving walkways in terminal 5. And wait what was I doing at that airport? It feels like I’m there so often… This time I wasn’t going anywhere. And no, I don’t […]


Photo of the Day: Walking the Whole City and Soho

My favorite part about living in New York City is even if you just walk around, that’s already something to do. I decided to take a day off on a Friday. So I went with some friends to Times Square for a food festival (which was a bit disappointing) so we ended up walking to […]

suzhou street food

#ThrowbackThursday: Suzhou Street Food

My family and I visited Shanghai for two months. During the two months we took a day trip to Suzhou which was only a less than 30 minute ride on a bullet train. (You can check out how a bullet train looks like and how fast it really goes in this video!) The main attraction […]

lone star barbados

Barbados in Instagram Photos

In continuation with my “In Instagram Photos” series where I post all Instagram photos that I’ve taken in a city (like in Asia- Yogyakarta or USA- Washington DC or South America- Salta!) and explain the story behind each one, I bring you a new part of the world… the Caribbean! I have already been to […]

st nicholas abbey mansion exterior

History Through Architecture in Barbados: St. Nicholas Abbey

To understand a part of the history of Barbados, a visit a sugar plantation,┬áSt. Nicholas Abbey is a must. This is a popular tourist attraction which is included in the Just BIM full day tour. Your ticket to St. Nicholas Abbey includes seeing the house, gardens, rum distillery and getting to taste rum, rum punch […]