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Exploring the City: Day 3 in San Francisco

I felt like I was in New York City for a moment when walking in downtown San Francisco on a Wednesday morning! That area had lots of people going to work and no hills. I also finally had a good salad- one thing I missed while traveling. Then we walked to the Golden Gate Bridge […]

Lombard Street: Day 2 in San Francisco

Looking down San Francisco’s crookedest road, Lombard Street! This reminds me of another city with lots of hills- Valparaiso, Chile. Follow my travel photos on Instagram:

san francisco

Back To The USA: Day 1 in California

A 12 hour flight from Auckland brought us San Francisco! I love traveling but it’s always great to be back in the USA though this is my first time in the west coast. The flight was over night and due to the time difference and crossing the International Date Line, I’m having two Mondays! I’m […]

Leaving and Goodbyes: Day 33 in New Zealand

It’s a holiday today in Auckland… celebrating Auckland’s 175th birthday! And I’m packing… how cute are these New Zealand luggage tags?! After having a final lunch with friends in New Zealand, we headed for the airport. It was a special moment. New Zealand is the last country my mom, dad, brother and I are visiting […]

Last Night: Day 32 in New Zealand

Beautiful last night in New Zealand. Spending time with friends and family. Follow my travel photos on Instagram:


Cloud Festival: Day 31 in New Zealand

Probably THE BEST DAY EVER! Ok well one of. Just about a week and a half ago, my brother found out one of our favorite artists, Andy Mineo (who’s actually also from NYC!) was coming to Auckland! We had never seen him live before so this was the perfect opportunity. We purchased tickets right away […]