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flatiron building

Photo of the Day: Flatiron Building on an Overcast Day

Tweet I walk by the Flatiron building almost every day. Especially now that the weather is getting warmer, crowds sit in front of the building in an area that advertises for free WiFi. This evening was a little overcast and as I walked, I got a shot of the line of food carts that you […]

easter at rockefeller center

3 Ways to Celebrate Easter in New York City

Tweet Happy Easter! We celebrated Easter this year in New York City and with big cities, come lots to do especially on holidays. Here are three things we did to celebrate Easter in New York City. 1. Attend Hillsong NYC First and foremost, Easter is most importantly about celebrating that Jesus has risen. We have […]

flushing new york city

Photo of the Day: Flushing New York City

Tweet Took a quick trip this morning to Flushing- a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Queens. With Chinese and English words on buildings and people speaking different languages, walking down some streets like this one is like being in Asia. Follow my travel photos on Instagram:

new york city office

My Minimalist Office in New York City

Tweet I mention all the time (especially on Instagram) about my office. It includes a 13 inch MacBook Air, iPhone and occasionally a notebook. The minimalist office can be set up anywhere in the world- as long as there’s WiFi. Just like the times I set up my office in South America, the newest office […]

cloisters museum

Medieval European Art at the Cloisters Museum and Gardens

Tweet From the sound of the name Cloisters, I thought it was a restaurant my mom wanted to visit. (It does sound like a restaurant name, doesn’t it?!) Turns out although there is food at the cafe, the Cloisters Museum and Gardens is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). It’s located a […]