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new york city office

My Minimalist Office in New York City

Tweet I mention all the time (especially on Instagram) about my office. It includes a 13 inch MacBook Air, iPhone and occasionally a notebook. The minimalist office can be set up anywhere in the world- as long as there’s WiFi. Just like the times I set up my office in South America, the newest office […]

cloisters museum

Medieval European Art at the Cloisters Museum and Gardens

Tweet From the sound of the name Cloisters, I thought it was a restaurant my mom wanted to visit. (It does sound like a restaurant name, doesn’t it?!) Turns out although there is food at the cafe, the Cloisters Museum and Gardens is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET). It’s located a […]

A Different Perspective on the New York City Subway

Tweet Unless it’s your first time, taking a train on the New York City subway really isn’t anything special. The majority of New Yorkers take it every day. I’ve talked to someone who said they took the same exact train route (and the same train car with the same people) every single day for 30 […]

laduree soho

French Macarons at Laduree SoHo

Tweet I got a book from the public library on how to make french macarons. They looked like a challenge I could tackle. I read the book (mostly studied the pictures…) and bought one of the main ingredients- almond flour. Long story short, the almond flour ended up being used for making some sort of […]

new york public library Stephen A. Schwarzman

My Office at the New York Public Library

Tweet All over Manhattan, you’ll find a New York Public Library location. Most are just normal libraries. But one worth a visit is on Fifth Avenue and 42nd street called the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. This building is also referred to as New York Public Library or Main Branch. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted […]