Brazilian Fudge Balls: Brigadeiros

I’m sure we can all relate. The best part about reading magazines is flipping through the glossy pages and looking at the photographs. This remains true for my favorite food magazine, Saveur. Their tagline, “Savor a World of Authentic Cuisine” is what I’m drawn to. Trying new foods from around the world is one of the best parts about traveling. Another great thing about this magazine is their food photography. Their photographers are incredible. It would be amazing to learn from one of them.

It was in an issue of this magazine that I found out about Brigadeiros. Saveur has an annual “Saveur 100” where they share 100 of their favorite tools, tips, ingredients, cookbooks, recipes, restaurants and more. Brigadeiros happened to be the first on the list.

Brigadeiros are Brazilian Fudge Balls. They are simple to make and delicious. The history of this treat starts with Eduardo Gomes. He was a Brazilian Air Force brigadier general who unsuccessfully ran for president back in 1945. During his campaign, he had volunteers make these fudge balls to hand out. These fudge balls, later to be known as brigadeiros, named after Gomes’ brigadier rank, are traditionally made with four ingredients.

One can of condensed milk, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons of butter and chocolate sprinkles:

As I was finding out how to make brigadeiros, I came across a really helpful tip to mix the cocoa powder with a little bit of water. This is to dissolve the powder because cocoa powder does not dissolve well with condensed milk.

Here is the melted butter along with the can of condensed milk over medium heat:

Next, the dissolved cocoa powder was added. After about 25 minutes, the watery mixture became thick. It was ready when it had the consistency of fudge.

Then the fudge mixture was put into a plate to chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes. (The plate is covered with butter so it wouldn’t stick.)

After 30 minutes, the mixture was taken out of the fridge and rolled into balls. They were then covered with chocolate sprinkles.

And lastly, the brigadeiros were put into small baking cups and ready to eat!

This is the way brigadeiros were originally made. Today, you can find many versions such as coconut. Along with the chocolate sprinkles, I used different colored sprinkles and bunny ears since it happened to be Easter weekend when I made them.


Bethany Looi is a 16 year old high school student. Bethany enjoys playing golf, traveling and learning new languages. She is currently pursuing advanced level Spanish with a private tutor and a desire to be a top teen journalist and reporter. Currently she works as a VA to several clients and is growing this business on the side. She has been to 14 countries and her favorite things to do in each country are shopping, eating and sightseeing. 



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