3 iPhone Photo Apps to Use with Instagram

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ll notice that apart from taking a photo within the app and sharing it with your followers, you can also create a blurring effect and apply filters. There are only 17 filters to choose from to enhance your photo. But why limit yourself to just 17?

Here are 3 iPhone photo apps to use with Instagram. These apps can enhance and make your photos look interesting.

1. LINE Camera

This is one of my favorites. There are so many options of what you can do to your photo. First, you can take the photo within the app, or select one you have previously taken. Let’s use this photo of a flower I took as an example.

After selecting the photo, there are 3 options for the size of the photo. There’s the original (3:4), a square shaped one that’s perfect for Instagram (1:1) and a horizontal rectangle (4:3).

We’ll choose 1:1.

Next we tap “Design!” and now we are presented with 21 filters to choose from. They are all very different from the ones in Instagram.

For example, the fish eye one:

I think the “clear” filter looks good. So after selecting it, you now have the option to choose a frame. You can’t do that in Instagram. There are just so many that I’m not going to count! Next, you can add stamps, which are little icons of things like stars, hearts and letters. Or if you prefer not to, you can draw on your photo with your finger or add text.

You have options to save it to your photo library or share it to Facebook or Twitter.

2. Diptic

Now you can share several photos in one photo on Instagram using Diptic.

With Diptic, you can put a few photos together using their templates. Within the app, you can crop the photos and add some borders.

3. PixIromatic

This is an app similar to LINE Camera. You can take a photo within the app or choose when that you have already taken. Using the same flower, first, choose a filter. Then you can add an effect and border. Next, save it to your photo library, email, put it in Dropbox or post it to Facebook.

Here’s the final image with the effect applied.

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